Research collaboration, knowledge and innovation

The mission of DTU is to develop and utilize the natural and technical sciences to benefit society. Accordingly, collaboration with external parties is a very important task in order to ensure the transfer of technology and knowledge to society. DTU has a long tradition of research collaborations with small and large businesses, Approved Technological Service Institutes, other research institutions, and universities in Denmark and abroad.

The framework for contracts on research collaboration at DTU is described in the folder Collaborating with DTU.

It is important for DTU that the knowledge generated through research is disseminated to society through the publication of the results in leading international scientific journals. This way we ensure that knowledge generated at DTU is implemented in industry. Companies can also gain access to DTU's technologies and knowledge through consulting, licensing agreements and the purchase of intellectual property.

In the menu on the left, you will find examples of collaborations between DTU and industry where companies have used information and knowledge from DTU to strengthen their businesses.

Access to facilities at DTU

DTU's many research facilities and equipment are available to external parties - whether it is small or large businesses. The extensive collaboration between DTU and industry is, among other things, expressed through the use of the facilities at DTU. Laboratories, equipment and processing facilities, which place high demands on the resources and technological know-how, are available to external parties. The use of the facilities is often conducted as part of collaborative projects between companies and DTU or companies that pay for using the facilities.

You are also very welcome to contact the Office for Innovation and Sector Services which will also be able to provide you with more information on the possibilities and guidelines for working together with DTU.

Employee Training

To further strengthen innovation at DTU a course was developed in 2015 - innovation-DTU - which is aimed at all employees at DTU who want a greater understanding of innovation and innovation culture at DTU.

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