Industry and sector development

DTU works with sector- and trade organizations, business clusters and authorities to analyze and generate an overview of the future technological needs and opportunities of different sectors. DTU has broad foundations in the field of technical/natural sciences research, with focus on societal benefit and sustainability and the political and administrative framework conditions that apply to the realization of these opportunities.

Our goal is to boost competitiveness in Danish technology-intensive business sectors and industries and, where relevant, to advise public authorities about how a given challenge supports competitiveness from an administrative perspective. We apply an interdisciplinary and generic focus to industry and sector development, and we combine knowledge across borders between departments, academic fields and value chains.

This is achieved through:

  • Mapping the challenges facing the sector
  • Mapping the market

  • Clarifying barriers and opportunities for the sector’s framework conditions

  • Involving DTU’s researchers and expert knowledge

  • Examining selected business cases

Areas of initiative may include: developing new programmes and supplementary courses, new research partnerships, investments in infrastructure or cluster development. The work may be carried out directly for an end user, but may also involve tools for authorities such as consultancy, risk assessments, contingency plans and monitoring.


Jan Eiersted Molzen
Head of DTU Partnerships
+45 45 25 71 27