Innovation and public sector authorities

DTU delivers scientific advice of the highest academic quality in key development areas, where innovation and green growth are other significant perspectives. 

DTU experts' advise to the authorities constitutes an important contribution to innovation in society. Based on the latest research-based knowledge, DTU provides development-oriented decision-making support within a given sector.
Innovation can also be supported in a more closely targeted manner when analyses of innovation and growth potential are included directly in the scientific advice that DTU supplies to the authorities.
DTU has good experience with public-private innovation (PPI) partnerships, where close interaction between public and private sectors ensures that research results are converted rapidly into innovation and growth within a prioritised area.


Jan Eiersted Molzen
Head of DTU Partnerships
+45 45 25 71 27


Christine Rich
Senior Executive Officer, Innovation and Sector Services
+45 51 15 74 44