Interdisciplinary centres and sector development

Complex challenges often require interdisciplinary solutions. In selected areas, DTU has therefore set up interdisciplinary centres that gather DTU’s expertise in several academic disciplines.

For example, DTU has set up interdisciplinary centres or initiatives in the following fields:

  • The maritime field (DTU Maritime Center)
  • Sustainable energy resources (REPLI)
  • Solar energy (Solar DTU)
  • Arctic research (Arctic DTU)
  • Transport research (Transport DTU)
  • Security and defence technology (Security DTU)
  • Diagnostics (Centre for Diagnostics DTU)

Sector development projects

In addition to the activities in these centres, DTU performs dedicated sector development projects, with special focus on the potential of the individual sectors for increased competitiveness, employment, sustainability, and growth through technology development.


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Senior Executive Officer, Sector Services
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Jan Eiersted Molzen
Head of DTU Partnerships
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