Electrical Engineering

Would you like to help realize the next generation of electronic products—from idea phase to delivering the final product to the customer? Then the BEng in electrical engineering is the right choice for you. In our globalized world, the volume of consumer electronics products is exploding and the electronics market is evolving at a rapid rate. With a BEng in electrical engineering you can help shape these trends.


What will you learn?

The BEng in electrical engineering study programme will give you solid application-oriented skills in electronics and programmable systems. You will study mathematics, electromagnetism, electronics, circuit engineering, programming, and signal processing, and learn to develop analogue and digital electronic systems. You will thus be equipped to solve the challenges associated with the development of high-tech products.

The focus is not only on developing technical solutions, but also on creating solutions that benefit both people and society.

Study programme structure

The mandatory courses during the first year of study give you a solid knowledge base on which you can build. Later in your studies you will select electives and specialize in the area that interests you most. Examples of specializations include electronics design, where you work with modern analogue and digital electronics design for applications like measuring and instrumentation, or sound and acoustics, where you can work on designing and developing microphones, speakers, hearing aids, etc.

As part the study programme you will complete an engineering internship, where you will gain practical experience in performing engineering tasks. You will also do your BEng project in collaboration with the company where you have done your internship. Example companies include Danfoss, Brüel & Kjær, Radio-meter, Ørsted, Grundfos, Oticon, and B&O.

Career opportunities

With a BEng in electrical engineering you can work with development, design, project engineering, maintenance, consultancy, and project management for electronics and IT companies. You will also have good career opportunities with manufacturing and consultancy companies.

Danish students

Please go to the Danish website to learn more about the BEng programmes at DTU.

Twin campuses

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BEng students at DTU have courses on our twin campuses:
• DTU Lyngby Campus
• DTU Ballerup Campus