Extended description


The course follows an intense schedule, where we cover content corresponding to one semester in a week. The week of teaching contains lectures and practical exercises, such that the course participants obtain tangible experience. The course includes breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea.



Upon completion of the course, participants are rewarded a letter-of-attendance. In addition, we offer the possibility to hand in a report, which document course participants can apply the tools and methods on own data. The reports will be evaluated according to the same standards as a regular university course and upon passing the report, participants obtain certification from DTU of their acquired competences within machine learning.

Latest course evaluations:

  • "Lively lecturers. Lots of examples"
  • "Virkelig pædagogisk underviser"
  • "Kurset dækker ML rigtigt godt - og man kommer ind på mange teorier/værktøjer. God undervisning"
  • "Godt materiale, gode øvelser, godt kursus"
  • "Teaching is excellent and teachers very helpful, Exercises strike a good balance between theory and practice"
  • "God kombination af teori+praksis" "Good teachers, good material & exercises"
  • "Extremely good at explaining tough subjects!"
  • "Lectures very well structured. Covered huge amount of material in short time but due to structure of lectures + exercises it all added up and made sense."
  • "Impressing ability to communicate complex material"
  • "Alt i alt et virkeligt godt kursus"
  • "Materialet er super godt (bog, slides, øvelser). Man får en god fornemmelse af mange metoder."
  • "I got an understanding of the bolts and knots of ML that by far exceeding what I have been able to pick up by self study"
  • "Good course structure & very organized teaching"