Thesis not approved for defence

Process for submission and printing of thesis when the assessment committee has not approved the thesis for defence

(Cf. Section 18(3) and (4) of the PhD Order)

  1. The thesis is submitted to the department.
  2. The assessment committee submits a negative preliminary recommendation.
    If the assessment committee requests that the PhD student make significant changes such as adding references, changing the structure, rewriting paragraphs or similar, the recommendation must be negative.
  3. The PhD student and principal supervisor are to be given a deadline of at least two weeks to comment on the recommendation.
  4. Based on the negative recommendation and any comments from the PhD student and principal supervisor, the head of the PhD school decides whether:

    I.    the defence cannot take place
    II.   the thesis may be submitted again in a revised form within a deadline of at least three months (and be assessed by the previous assessment committee)
    III.  it should be recommended to the Dean that the thesis should be assessed by a new assessment committee

  5. The PhD office sends a copy of the recommendation to the PhD student with information on whether the thesis should be revised and submitted again and in that case when.
    If the head of the PhD schools decides that the thesis cannot be submitted for defence, the PhD student's enrollment at DTU ceases.


Copyright to articles, illustrations, pictures and graphs

It is the responsibility of the PhD student to ensure that he/she has not transferred copyright. It is also the responsibility of the PhD student to ensure that he/she has been granted the right to use other material than his/her own.

When a PhD thesis consists of articles, figures, pictures, graphs etc. which have been published in journals, it is important that the PhD student has obtained the right to use these. This can either be done by choosing to publish in an Open Access journal – if available within ones research area. Alternatively you can upon submission of the article, inform the publisher that it will later on be submitted as part of a PhD thesis and as a consequence it must be also be published in DTU Orbit.

You can read more about the subject at, or you can contact DTU Library where they are happy to help look into the publishers’ copyright and publishing policies.