Student life

As a PhD student you will be spending the vast part of your time in the local environment at the department where you are doing your project. Life as a student becomes less prominent as you enter the role of colleague to the other employees at the department, including other PhD students.

DTU’s departments vary in size and environment which is of great significance to the PhD student. At some departments there will be many PhD colleagues and at others very few. The number of foreign colleagues also varies a lot and this is something that can have a very special effect on the working environment at the different departments. Across DTU, the PhD Association brings together the PhD students. The Association continually works to offer the PhD students the opportunity to participate in professional and social events.

As a PhD student you can also add an extra dimension to your studies by taking part in the work of one of the PhD committees. In the committee you join professors and associate professors in the discussion of general guidelines for the PhD programme at DTU and the assessment of PhD cases, including academic approval of new PhD students, assessment of study plans, half-year reports, courses, etc.