DTU Career Centre

The main objective for the DTU Career Centre is to help you get a good start on your career path. We work diligently to build bridge between DTU students and companies and to help you in your efforts landing a student job, internship and your first full-time position. 

We are eager to help you land your first job and therefore, we have many career-related initiatives lined up for you:

1:1 career guidance

Get CV / cover letter feedback and guidance regarding e.g. job search, the Danish labour market and job interview preparation. (Book session; login required)

Career-related workshops & webinars
Optimise your job search by joining workshops and webinars such as How to write a targeted CV / cover letter; How to prepare for job interviews; Get a good start on the job market and Student job hunting. (More information; login required)

Online advice/information on job search in Denmark
Access an array of information and advice regarding job search in Denmark, simply by logging on the DTU intranet, Inside.

On-demand online crash courses in job search
Watch online crash courses on how to write targeted CV’s and over letters and how you prepare for job interviews. Anytime, anywhere.

Career-related events
Network with Danish companies who are eager to meet and inspire our students at DTU at e.g. different job fairs, tech talks, career nights and DTU CareerWeek.

Job postings in DTU Job Bank
Find student jobs and full-time positions at DTU Job Bank, a job site specifically for students from Technical University of Denmark as well as alumni within the first couple of years after graduation.

Project postings in DTU Internship & Project Bank
Find interesting project collaborations in DTU Internship and Project Bank, the online meeting place for Danish companies, DTU students and professors who are looking for fruitful collaboration.


DTU Career Centre
Technical University of Denmark
Anker Englunds Vej 1, Building 101B (in the Library)
2800 Kgs. Lyngby


: +45 4525 0505

Opening hours: Monday & Thursday at 12 noon-2 p.m. on Lyngby Campus. Wednesday at 12 noon-2 p.m. on Ballerup Campus.