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Jens Kehlet Nørskov. Det, vi skal gøre for at få grønne, flydende brændstoffer. Dynamo nr. 61.
03 DEC

What is needed for green liquid fuels

In order to achieve a fossil-free production of fuels and chemicals, catalysis methods that convert the sun's energy into chemical processes must be made more efficient...

E-Fuels can replace fossil fuels
30 NOV

E-Fuels can replace fossil fuels

The aircraft, ships, and lorries of the future must be powered by e-fuels—fuels produced partly from captured CO2—and partly from hydrogen produced by the splitting...

Foto Colourbox
09 NOV

Bacteria ensure better use of biomass

A special blend of robust bacteria in a new process is paving the way to convert even the stubbornest forms of biomass into methane.

Energy Biotechnology and biochemistry
Photo: Benny Box
08 NOV

Newly discovered enzyme increases biomass value

With the discovery of a new enzyme, it may one day become possible to use the plants’ glue nutrient—lignin. The substance has applications in electronics, various...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Bioenergy Energy production
Foto: Bax Lindhardt
12 OCT

Start-up behind new plastic sorting technology

With their unique technology for sorting different types of plastics, two young engineers will make it easier for production companies to recycle plastic.

Innovation and product development Waste management
06 OCT

District heating digitalization contributes to 2030 targets

Using data and local weather forecasts instead of drawings of the supply network and simulations to control supply temperature can save the district heating sector money...

Energy Information technology
Photo: Mikal Schlosser
30 SEP

Why are we so busy developing new batteries?

The EU wants to accelerate the development of new batteries—but why is this so urgent? Tejs Vegge, professor at DTU Energy, provides the answer.

Foto: Joachim Rode
18 SEP

Wastewater offers important source of knowledge about resistance

Wastewater analysis can detect the spread of resistant bacteria and can be used for global monitoring of the problem.    

Biotechnology and biochemistry Medicine and medico technology
Foto: Joachim Rode
18 SEP

WASTEWATER EXAMINED: Experimental idea may prevent resistance from spreading

Analysis from four countries shows that bacteria can become ‘infected’ with antibiotic resistance in wastewater treatment plants. However, it may be possible...

Environment and pollution Biotechnology and biochemistry
Plate with antibiotic bacterias. DYNAMO no. 62
18 SEP

Denmark leading fight against resistance

DTU Food’s professional expertise in antimicrobial resistance is internationally recognized. Most recently, the department has been designated as a new reference...

Food safety
18 SEP

Resistant bacteria combatted with known antibiotics

It is possible to fight resistant E. coli bacteria by combining two widely known antibiotics.    

Biotechnology and biochemistry Medicine and medico technology
18 SEP

Ultraviolet light may reduce dental use of antibiotics

The bacteria-killing properties of ultraviolet light can be harnessed to limit the use of antibiotics in dental treatment—e.g. infected root canals.

Lasers Optics Medicine and medico technology
18 SEP

Cells optimized to produce antimicrobial agents

With the help of ‘metabolic engineering’, researchers from DTU Biosustain are designing and optimizing microorganisms to produce new substances that can be...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Medicine and medico technology
09 JUN

Straw and slurry into aviation fuel

Among other things, agricultural surplus straw and slurry can be used in the production of aviation fuel.

Planter bliver til jetbrændstof
09 JUN

Plants into jet fuel

DTU Food has explored microbiological production of longer alcohols which can be included as building blocks for jet fuel.

Dynamo nr. 61. Fra biomasse til skibsbrændstof.
09 JUN

From biomass to marine fuel

Cooperation between DTU and Maersk Line is seeking to clarify whether dimethyl ether can be used to power ocean-going vessels.

Storskalaproduktion af brint og metanol
09 JUN

Large-scale production of hydrogen and methanol

Greenlab Skive is a major national venture to develop technologies for storing and converting renewable energy for sustainable fuels, among other things.

Biogas into methanol in a container
04 JUN

Biogas into methanol in a container

Sustainable fuel has moved a big step closer with a new demonstration plant that can convert biogas into the liquid fuel methanol.

Microbes pave way for green flight
04 JUN

Microbes pave way for green flight

Instead of burning biowaste, we should let microorganisms turn waste into CO2-neutral fuel, chemicals, and proteins.

More biofuel from same amount of biomass
04 JUN

More biofuel from same amount of biomass

It is possible to produce much more biofuel from the same amount of biomass by combining electrolysis with biomass gasification.