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Jens Kehlet Nørskov. Det, vi skal gøre for at få grønne, flydende brændstoffer. Dynamo nr. 61.
09 JUN

What is needed for green liquid fuels

In 2019, the EU project Energy-X brought together around 150 leading catalysis and energy researchers to map out how to achieve fossil-free production of fuels and chemicals...

09 JUN

Straw and slurry into aviation fuel

Among other things, agricultural surplus straw and slurry can be used in the production of aviation fuel.

Planter bliver til jetbrændstof
09 JUN

Plants into jet fuel

DTU Food has explored microbiological production of longer alcohols which can be included as building blocks for jet fuel.

Dynamo nr. 61. Fra biomasse til skibsbrændstof.
09 JUN

From biomass to marine fuel

Cooperation between DTU and Maersk Line is seeking to clarify whether dimethyl ether can be used to power ocean-going vessels.

Storskalaproduktion af brint og metanol
09 JUN

Large-scale production of hydrogen and methanol

Greenlab Skive is a major national venture to develop technologies for storing and converting renewable energy for sustainable fuels, among other things.

Biogas into methanol in a container
04 JUN

Biogas into methanol in a container

Sustainable fuel has moved a big step closer with a new demonstration plant that can convert biogas into the liquid fuel methanol.

Microbes pave way for green flight
04 JUN

Microbes pave way for green flight

Instead of burning biowaste, we should let microorganisms turn waste into CO2-neutral fuel, chemicals, and proteins.

More biofuel from same amount of biomass
04 JUN

More biofuel from same amount of biomass

It is possible to produce much more biofuel from the same amount of biomass by combining electrolysis with biomass gasification.

E-Fuels can replace fossil fuels
07 MAY

E-Fuels can replace fossil fuels

The aircraft, ships, and lorries of the future must be powered by e-fuels—fuels produced partly from captured CO2—and partly from hydrogen produced by the splitting...

Foto: Bo Amstrup
02 MAR

Small business develops self-cleaning mirrors for ITER

A company from Northern Jutland in Denmark with 25 employees provides solutions to be used in ITER’s fusion reactor.

Energy Innovation and product development
Foto: Bax Lindhardt
25 FEB

If 350 grams of fish is good for you – is 700 grams twice as good?

Risk-benefit assessments are a new method that balances the positive and negative effects of foods on health. Senior Researcher Morten Poulsen is Head of DTU Food&rsquo...

Nutrition and dietary habits
Foto: Bax Lindhardt
22 JAN

Fewer product numbers equal stronger revenues at Rockwool

Collaborative research has helped ROCKWOOL halve the number of products in their range. This will help the company to significantly increase its revenue in the coming years...

Operations analysis Construction materials
Credit: Colourbox
11 OCT

Baker’s yeast could pave the way for fossil-free plastic production

Ordinary baker’s yeast can be genetically engineered to produce an acid known as 3HP. This acid can be converted into acrylic acid, which, among other things, is...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Environment and pollution
Credit: Mikal Schlosser
08 OCT

Q&A: Next generation of robots get situation awareness

Robots that can read their surroundings and adapt their actions thereafter are currently being developed, says Professor Ole Ravn.

Robot technology and automation
Credit: Colourbox
07 OCT

Microwaves pave the way for PET recycling

PET can be degraded by microwaves and chemistry, so the components of the plastic can be recycled into new PET products.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Waste management
Credit: Shosuke Yoshida et al.
30 SEP

Bacteria can break down plastic

In 2016, Japanese scientists discovered a bacterium that can break down PET plastic, which is primarily known from plastic bottles and clothing fibres. Now, Danish researchers...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Environment and pollution
Illustration: Benny Box
12 AUG

The Internet of Things requires a more stable network

Among other things, the emergence of a specific network for communication between appliances opens up for more patients to be treated at home. This benefits both quality...

Information technology IT systems Telecommunication
Photo: Thomas Tølbøl Sørensen
05 AUG

Start-up moves complex analyses out of laboratories

The company Copenhagen Nanosystems has incorporated nanotechnology into ordinary laboratory equipment and made it simpler to run advanced analyses of liquids.

Micro and nanotechnology
Photo: Mikal Schlosser
29 JUL

Kites harvest energy like wind turbines

A new generation of kite wind turbines can supplement land-based wind turbines and produce energy in rural areas without a power grid.

Energy Wind energy
Illustration: Gert K. Nielsen
15 JUL

On the edge of the possible

The Danish hearing aid manufacturers are among the world leaders in their field.

Hearing aids