Grethe Winther

Head of Section, Professor

Grethe Winther

Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering

Section of Materials and Surface Engineering


Building 425 Room 114

2800 Kgs. Lyngby




Grethe Winther


Nanomaterials Microstructure Dislocation boundaries Texture Metals Mechanical properties Plastic deformation

Dr. Techn. Grethe Winther's focuses on analysis and modelling of microstructure and properties of metals. Main activities include:Dislocation structures: Systematic mapping and analysis of dislocation boundaries in deformed metals based on electron microscopy data. Established the relationship between dislocation boundaries and fundamental deformation mechanisms. Formulated a general model for dislocation structure prediction.Deformation textures: Evaluation and development of crystal plasticity models at the grain scale based on synchrotron data (3DXRD).Rekrystallisation: Introduced new analysis of the orientation relationship between nuclei and the deformation microstructure.Mechanical properties:  Modelling of mechanical properties important for industrial forming processes. Formulated a model predicting the combined effects of texture and dislocation structures.