Jens Karl Gravesen

Associate Professor

Jens Karl Gravesen

Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Asmussens Allé

Building 303B Room 152

2800 Kgs. Lyngby




Jens Karl Gravesen


Differential geometry Geometric design

My research started in pure mathematics in the fields of differential geometry and global analysis. I have now moved in to more applied mathematics especially geometric design. I am especially interested in representations of curves, surfaces, and other geometric objects that allows for exact calculations. An other part of my research is concerned with geometric effects in quantum mechanics, with a view to applications in nano technology. I am also interested in concrete industrial applications of mathematics. In 1998 Poul Hjorth and I initiated the first European Study Group with Industry (ESGI) in Denmark and I have since participated in the organisation of these yearly workshops where mathematicians works on problems from industry.