Suguang Dou


Suguang Dou

Department of Wind and Energy Systems

DTU Wind Materials and Components Division (WMC),

Frederiksborgvej 399

Building 101 Room S05

4000 Roskilde



Suguang Dou


Hello, I am Suguang. I am a researcher at DTU Wind Energy. I am working on a couple of challenging and interesting projects supported by Denmark and the EU.Currently, I am actively working on the following projects:CCA project on digital twins and dynamic surrogate models of wind turbinesHiperWind: HIghly advanced Probabilistic design and Enhanced Reliability methods for high-value, cost-efficient offshore WIND. I am working on wake parameterization, non-Gaussian turbulence, and dynamic surrogate models.FloatStep: design optimization of floating offshore wind turbines with frequency-domain models Previously I have participated in the following projects:SELMA: Fail-safe structural optimizationInnoDyn: Integrated nonlinear analysis and optimization of dynamic systemsNoVib: The Nonlinear Tuned Vibration AbsorberMEMS Frequency Converters Based on Nonlinear Resonances