Per Lynggaard


Per Lynggaard

Department of Electrical and Photonics Engineering

Electro Technology Electronics


Building 325 Room 232

2800 Kgs. Lyngby





Analog IC design Digital IC design Big Data Analytics internet of things programming Embedded systems mathematical modeling Machine learning Wireless Technologies Software Engineering Digital communication wireless embedded systems

https://plynggaard.webnode.com/ Per Lynggaard holds a M.Sc. in EE and IT and a Ph.D. from Aalborg University, where he has been employed as an Associate Professor. Today he is employed at the Technical University of Denmark as a Professor in Electronics with focus on Integrated Circuit design. Beyond the academic achievement professor Lynggaard has a long track record from a professional industrial career with focus on technical-scientific research, development, and implementation. He has received several honours and rewards during this period, and he has been headhunted several times. Professor Lynggaard is an expert in areas such as:Advanced analog and digital Electronics (analog and digital IC-design)Digital signal processingWireless Sensor Networks (WSN) technologiesCommunication and security in WSNMachine learningBig-data in relation to IoTProgramming embedded platformsObject-oriented software construction and modellingHigh-level client / server communication and programming He has been involved in numerous research projects funded by the European Commission.