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At DTU, 6,000 employees work daily to develop sustainable technological solutions to some of the main challenges facing the world within areas such as the environment and climate, energy supply, health, food, IT, transport, and construction.

On the following pages, we have gathered a number of research portals that can help you to explore relevant areas, units, researchers, facilities, etc.

DTU is organized into a number of centres and departments that each focus on their respective research area. Get an overview of the various units and their subject areas via the list here, and find links to the units’ websites.


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DTU focuses on technical-natural scientific research that contributes to the development of society. Get an insight into DTU’s research areas here.


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DTU has a number of unique international-class research facilities at its disposal, and also contributes with instrumentation and data processing for several joint European facilities.


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DTU regularly publishes research findings in scientific publications and reports.


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DTU’s researchers are able to speak on a wide range of subjects within the natural sciences and technical science.


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There are several possibilities available for meeting the researchers and gaining an insight into their work.


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