Publications and research data

Publications and projects

DTU Orbit is the official research database of the Technical University of Denmark, DTU.

DTU Orbit provides an overview of publications to which DTU employees have contributed. DTU Orbit also offers the possibility to cross search publications, projects, activities, department profiles and staff profiles. DTU’s research database—DTU Orbit—has articles from scientific journals, conference contributions, books, and book chapters. PhD theses and doctoral dissertations, reports and patents, projects, honorary awards, and media appearances are also registered, and can be found via DTU Orbit.

Many large research projects can also be found in DTU Orbit.

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Research data

DTU Data is DTU's repository for publishing and indexing research data. Here, you can find research data and datasets from DTU’s research.

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Any questions?

Please contact DTU Library if you have any questions regarding DTU Orbit or DTU Data.