Research facilities

DTU has a number of unique research facilities and contributes with instrumentation and data processing to several joint European facilities.

Below is a small selection of facilities—please see more on DTU's research areas or department and centre websites.

Watch video of the research infrastructure.

Varian TrueBeam accelerator

Varian TrueBeam electron accelerator
The Varian Truebeam is a state-of-the are medical linear accelerator. At Danish hospitals, similar accelerators are used for treatment of cancer patients (external beam radiotherapy). The Truebeam is mainly used for dosimetry research.

Test Centre for Large Wind Turbines

Testcenter i Østerild
A national test centre for wind turbines of up to 250 metres

Super computer for Life Science

Computerrome facility at DTU
‘Computerrome’ with 16,048 CPU cores is capable of storing up to 7.5 petabytes of data. The supercomputer is used for industrial biotechnology and pharmaceutical research and is located at DTU Risø Campus.