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Human impact on indoor climate is being mapped

Advanced climate chamber measurements provide new knowledge about human emissions and impact on indoor climate in buildings. ... Human impact on the indoor climate is being mapped for the first time in a large-scale test at DTU ... . Over five weeks, researchers will examine human impact on the indoor climate by measuring the

20. May 2019


Fresh air for Arctic indoor climate

solutions to the growing problems of asthma and poor indoor climate caused by poor ventilation of houses in Greenland. ... indoor climate may well be one of the contributing factors. In March, Martin Kotol defended his ... peripheral nature of the problem, for most Greenlanders indoor climate is just as problematic as the

14. May 2014


IEA EBC Annex 68 - Indoor Air Quality Design and Control in Low Energy Residential Buildings

P+ demonstration building in Changzhou, China . The building as a lab for High IAQ Low Energy design" -- P+ demonstration building in Changzhou, China. The building was designed by Annex 68 participants and integrates a...

12. February 2016


Indoor climate controlled with mobile phones and artificial intelligence

User feedback and control systems based on IoT and artificial intelligence improve indoor air quality and make buildings more flexible. ... controlled with the use of data from mobile phones and can improve the indoor climate for 28 per cent of ... indoor climate on an ongoing basis. This provides a huge potential for quality improvement, one

9. October 2018


International Centre for Indoor Environment and Energy

Exposure Assessment & Human Outcome Research on creating new kowledge on indoor pollution emission. Human Performance and Behaviour Research on how to promote human creativity and cognitive working skills by securing an indoor...

1. October 2017


Nanofilter measures chemicals in air-borne particles

identify cancer and infections by measuring the air exhaled by patients. ... air, no detectors are currently available to instantly tell us what type of particles they are and ... , explains Silvan Schmid: “If you take a guitar that you’ve tuned indoors outside where it’s colder, it

6. January 2014


25,000 pupils to investigate indoor climate at Danish schools

study aimed at mapping the state of the indoor climate in Danish classrooms. ... in the indoor and outdoor air using Petri dishes containing nutrients. Using samples from 1,000 ... Poor air quality in Danish primary school pupils and high school students has a major impact on

22. September 2014


Conference on Indoor Air

The Indoor Air series of conferences started in 1978 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The 11th congress in 2008 will celebrate the 30 year anniversary of the inaugural conference.   The 11th Indoor Air Conference at DTU will...

29. May 2008


Conference on indoor air

Researchers from more than 50 countries participate in the 11th International Conference on Indoor Air Quality and Climate ‘Indoor Air 2008’ at the Technical University of Denmark.   The Congress will cover all aspects...

14. August 2008

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