Jakob Munkgaard Andersen

Jakob Munkgaard Andersen

Senior Officer, Business Development

Office for Research, Advice and Innovation

Technical University of Denmark

Anker Engelunds Vej

Building 101, room 2.222

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

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Street light detection

Pedersen, Henrik Chresten ; Larsen, Henning Engelbrecht ; Andersen, Jakob Munkgaard
Patent no.: WO2017001233, Date: 2017-01-05

Type: Patent

Status: Published     |    Year: 2017


Facility to evaluate street lightning solutionsin a realistic urban setting

Andersen, Jakob Munkgaard ; Thorseth, Anders ; Dam-Hansen, Carsten
part of: Proceedings of 28th CIE Session 2015, pages: 223-228, 2015
Presented at:
28th Session of the International Commission on Illumination

Type: Article in proceedings (Peer reviewed)

Status: Published     |    Year: 2015


LED-lys til ældre: Lys, trivsel og alder - Hvordan hænger det sammen?

Sander, Birgit Agnes ; Kessel, Line ; Ahmad, Hajer ; Johnsen, Kjeld ; Markvart, Jakob ; Petersen, Paul Michael ; Argyraki, Aikaterini ; Andersen, Jakob Munkgaard ; Corell, Dennis Dan ; Orton, Iben Winther ; Lund, Anne Marie ; Krause, Christian ; Emborg, Ida Maj ; Ulsted Carlsen, Lene (Editor) ; Nyhuus, Lone (Editor)

Type: Report

Status: Published     |    Year: 2015


Development of New LED Light Sources for ImprovedVisualization of Bio-samples

Argyraki, Aikaterini ; Andersen, Jakob Munkgaard ; Hansen, Søren Stentoft ; Stubager, Jørgen ; Corell, Dennis Dan ; Petersen, Paul Michael
Presented at:
35th Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium

Type: Conference abstract for conference (Peer reviewed)

Status: Published     |    Year: 2014