Michael Zwicky Hauschild

Michael Zwicky Hauschild


Department of Technology, Management and Economics

Sustainability Division
Quantitative Sustainability Assessment Section

Technical University of Denmark


Building 424, room 209

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Fax +45 45 93 55 56
E-mail mzha@dtu.dk
ORCID 0000-0002-8331-7390
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Keywords Sustainability assessment | Sustainable engineering | Life cycle engineering | Life cycle assessment | Life cycle impact assessment | Design for environment

ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS IN BRIEF Associate Professor: August 1997 Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Management, Technical University of Denmark Higher degree: Ph.D March 1992. Environmental Science, Technical University of Denmark. Dissertation: Putrescine (1,4-diaminobutane) as indicator of chromium-induced stress in higher plants, Laboratory of Environmental Science and Ecology. Master degree: M.Sc.(Chem. Eng.) June 1988. Technical University of Denmark, Laboratory of Environmental Science and Ecology RECENT POSITIONS HELD 1997- Associate Professor (Lektor) in Environmental Assessment of Products and Systems, Technical University of Denmark. 1996-1997 Research Associate Professor (Ekstern lektor) in Environmental Assessment of Products and Systems, Technical University of Denmark. 1995-1996 Senior consultant at Institute for Product Development, IPU 1992-1994 Research Assistant Professor (Adjunkt) in Life Cycle Impact Assessment IMPORTANT ACTIVITIES Chair of the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative Task force on Assessment of Toxic Impacts in LCIA 2002-2006 Chair of the SETAC-Europe task force on ecotoxicity assessment in LCIA 1998-2002. Member of the Management of the Danish LCA Center 2002-2007 National manager of the EU-funded OMNIITOX project developing a common European methodology for life cycle impact assessment of chemicals focusing on ecotoxicity and human toxicity. 2001-2004 Project manager of project on spatial differentiation in Life Cycle Impact Assessment under the Method Development and Consensus Building Project funded by Danish EPA, 1998-2004. Project manager of the EUREKA project LCAGAPS with the aim of filling in gaps in the existing LCA methodology 1995-2002. Member of the Editorial Board of The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 1998- Member of the SETAC-Europe LCA Steering Committee, 2006- Chair of the Nordic Life Cycle Association, NorLCA 2006- Member of the LCIA Method Developers Advisory Group to the European LCA Platform project of the EU Commission 2006-

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