Rasmus Reinhold Paulsen

Rasmus Reinhold Paulsen

Associate Professor

Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Technical University of Denmark

Richard Petersens Plads

Building 324, room 110

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Fax +45 45 88 13 97
E-mail rapa@dtu.dk
ORCID 0000-0003-0647-3215
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Keywords 3D surface acquisition | medical image analysis | Computational geometry | Human head scanning

Rasmus R. Paulsens research is within medical image analysis. Currently he is focusing on 3D surface based image analysis, with special attention to the human face and skull. RP did his PhD in the industry and has worked as a development engineer, where he acquired a structured approach to implementation and applied research. Key research topics are implicit surface representations, geometry processing, statistical shape models, facial feature analysis, and the general connection between genetics and biometric measurements. In 2008 RP received a three years research grant from the Oticon Foundation, where the goal was create an open 3D database of human heads and torsos. These models are for example used for sound field simulation in the hearing aid industry. Furthermore, RP has developed a set of algorithms for patient motion tracking during PET scanning. These are also based on his work on surfaces.

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