New regulations from 8 Sep to 2 Jan 2021

Face masks/visors mandatory from 29 October. All employees must work from home to the greatest possible extent - all social events are cancelled, both for employees and students.

On 7 October, the health authorities decided to extend the measures introduced on 7 September until and including 2 January 2021. This applies to the whole country.

This means that the general guidelines are expanded with the additions below.

From Thursday 29 October, everyone who moves around indoors on DTU's campuses, sites and facilities must wear a face mask or visor. It is, for example, in canteens, corridors and common areas.

The teaching situation is excluded, be it in auditoriums, teaching rooms or laboratories, just as it generally does not apply to work in offices, workshops and laboratories (however, be aware of the already applicable guidelines for laboratory work).

For employees:
  • All employees must work from home to the extent possible, and as long as it does not compromise critical functions or the implementation of teaching or research. The scope of homework is clarified with the immediate supervisor.
  • All social events have been canceled.
  • All clubs and associations must be closed. Some activities under the auspices of DTU Sport are exempt. 
  • Employees are welcome to attend external meetings if deemed necessary.
  • Be aware that teaching and teaching-related activities are not subject to the assembly ban.
  • Events - especially with external participation - are encouraged to adhere to the assembly plan if possible.
For students:
  • Teaching is carried out largely as planned. However, some teaching courses have been converted to online teaching.
  • All clubs and associations must be closed.
  • All Friday bars are closed.
  • The S-house with the exception of the cafe is closed. Only to-go is served.
  • Also pay attention to:
    • that teachers must interrupt teaching if students do not comply with the guidelines
    • that teachers are authorized to ask students who are not registered for the course to leave the room
    • that furniture must not be moved around the premises.
For teachers:
  • Teaching is carried out as far as possible as planned. There is a special focus on teaching in laboratories and workshops continuing physically as planned.
  • Teachers should pay special attention to whether students comply with the guidelines. If not, the teaching must be interrupted.
From 18 September, face masks will be worn in DTU's canteens and cafés.

Cf. New rules regarding. nightlife and the restaurant industry in the capital area, there is now an order for the use of face masks in DTU's restaurants (canteens, cafes, etc.).
However, this does not apply when sitting down.

The requirement applies to both guests and employees who have contact with guests. The same exceptions apply to the use of face masks as in public transport. Failure to follow the guidelines may result in expulsion from the canteen or café area.