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DTU Skylab

Photo: Joachim Rode

Chemistry lab

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Creative learning...

Photo: DTU Danchip

Cleanroom facility, DTU Danchip.

Teaching and learning facilities

DTU Lyngby Campus is constantly changing. New buildings are erected and old ones are renovated in order to provide our students and staff with world-class study and research facilities at all times.


Databars and workstations are located throughout DTU Lyngby Campus.

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DTU has a wealth of various research facilities—ranging from ultra-modern laboratoriums to massive full-scale test facilities. Other facilities include test centres for wind turbines, ocean going vessels, and anechoic chambers.

DTU favours the hands-on principle. Students are not expected to just watch, they are allowed hands-on access to all facilities.


Located in building 307, Nanoteket is a student facility where advanced equipment is made available to DTU students and high school students.