Vacant positions

Title Unit Deadline
PhD scholarship in Genome Engineering Center for Biosustainability 06 NOV 20
PhD scholarship in Synthetic Biology for the Creation of Sustainable Microbial Foods of the Future Center for Biosustainability 15 NOV 20
Two PhD positions on Chemical Characterization and Environmental Impact Assessment of Produced Water from Offshore Installations Centre for Oil and Gas - DTU 30 NOV 20
PhD scholarship in the fabrication of electrochemical sensors for environmental monitoring Centre for Oil and Gas - DTU 30 NOV 20
PhD Scholarship in Fish Stock Assessment and Fisheries Dynamic Modelling Investigating Sustainability of Potential Mesopelagic Resource Exploitation DTU Aqua 01 NOV 20
PhD project: Modeling of Electrolyte Systems using the Non-Primitive Approach DTU Chemical Eng. 31 DEC 20
PhD scholarship in supported homogeneous catalysis DTU Chemistry 11 NOV 20
PhD student for modelling thermodynamic properties of complex mixtures DTU Chemistry 31 OCT 20
PhD project: Resilient cooling and ventilation for buildings and people DTU Civil Eng 27 OCT 20
PhD position in Applied Statistical Modelling of Stochastic Processes DTU Compute 08 NOV 20
PhD project in Federated Machine Learning for Spectroscopy DTU Compute 29 OCT 20
PhD scholarship in Uncertainty Quantification for Source Localization and Passive Imaging in Random Media DTU Compute 15 NOV 20
PhD position in Material Appearance Specification and Rendering using the BSSRDF DTU Compute 31 JAN 21
PhD position in Modelling and Predictive Rendering of Particulate Materials DTU Compute 31 JAN 21
PhD Scholarship on Trusted Computing Technologies for Operational Assurance in ICT Supply Chains DTU Compute 03 NOV 20