Vacant positions

Title Unit Deadline
Postdoc for Modelling of High Temperature Electrolysis; from Micron-scale Processes to System Perspectives DTU Energy 31 MAY 19
Postdoc in the area of Internet of Things (IoT) Security DTU Compute 31 MAY 19
Research Assistant in Molecular Biology Center for Biosustainability 31 MAY 19
PhD scholarship in Cryogenic MRI Coil Array Development DTU Electrical Eng 31 MAY 19
Postdoc in Population Dynamics of Eel and Dynamics of Cormorant Predation DTU Aqua 01 JUN 19
Postdoc in Electrical Characterisation of Advanced thin Films using Terahertz Spectroscopy DTU Physics 01 JUN 19
Laborant Center for Biosustainability 01 JUN 19
Professor in Software Engineering DTU Compute 02 JUN 19
PhD scholarship on van der Waals Heterostructures DTU Fotonik 03 JUN 19
PhD scholarship in Thermal Processing of Seaweeds and the Effects on Quality and Safety DTU Food 03 JUN 19
Liaison Officer for representation in Brussels Research and Relations 04 JUN 19
Projektmedarbejder til projektet “Digital Reality” Private and Public Sectors Services 04 JUN 19
Postdoc in Optical Frequency Combs DTU Fotonik 04 JUN 19
Assistant Professor / Associate Professor in Constructional Engineering --- Adjunkt/Lektor i Konstruktionsteknik DTU Diplom 05 JUN 19
Eksternt lektorat i Elektriske Installationer DTU Diplom 05 JUN 19