Select your login provider

From the above page, you can select your login provider.

  • Select: I have a DTU account.

    If you have one of the DTU accounts: DTU employee, DTU student or DTU guest.
    Please note that a DTU Guest account is not the same as an account in provider service. (see later).


  • Select: I have an account from a WAYF institution.

    If you have an account on a WAYF institution.
    The term institutions refers to universities, university colleges, high schools, libraries, and others that are connected to the WAYF identity federation.
    See a list of the institutions connected to WAYF.
    An institution connected to WAYF can offer its employees and students a WAYF login, which connects the institution's login system with a collaboration site on Share DTU. Use your institutional login to access a collaboration site on Share DTU.


  • Select: I have an account in
    If you do not have a DTU account or WAYF account and have been invited after 28-01-2015.

    Password reset: If you have forgotten your password you can get a new password from the following link:


The login provider you chose will be announced in the first invitation email the invited user receive.