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Diversity and inclusion

Diversity, inclusion and equality are founding principals at DTU.

We prioritise a study- and work environment that is based on inclusion and recognition for an individual’s talents. We expect all students and employees to work together from the perspective of mutual respect and equal opportunity, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, culture, educational background, physical ability and other personal differences.

Diversity and equality are important prerequisites for DTU to perform groundbreaking research and teachat the highest level for the benefit of society.

DTU’s Gender Equality Policy applies to both students and employees. The focus is on inclusion, meaning each individual feels valued for their contribution in the organization.


As a university, DTU has a responsibility to work continuously toward gender balance, both among employees and in the student body. We work with initiatives to attract more female students and initiatives that ensure the organizational structures support a culture where both students and employees feel valued and included.

Specifically, we have adjusted our recruitment material for a wider focus on gender and ethnic diversity. We have held events, for example IT-camps and IT-mentoring, for female high school students.

In our hiring and recruitment process we require an equal gender balance in the comittees, just as our managers and leadership receives awareness training and how to handle their own biases in relation to gender, ethnicity etc.

Forum for Diversity and Inclusion

The Forum for Diversity and Inclusion (ForDI) is established as a broader group of committed staff and students, who wish to contribute to the diversity and inclusion efforts at DTU. It is a cross-departmental forum for discussions to support the executive board’s need for competent feedback and inspiration on diversity and inclusion.

The forum is chaired by DTU’s provost. Members include heads of departments, professors, post docs, Ph.D. students, technical and administrative employees, as well as representatives from DTU’s student organization, Polyteknisk Forening.

ForDI is anchored in the organisation around DTU's diversity and inclusion efforts.