Board Education event

Webinar - Attracting board positions

Do you want to know how to get the right board position, based on your unique competencies and accomplishments?  


Join us at this webinar and learn how you can achieve the experience of working in a board position in a startup, scaleup or an SME by attending DTU Board Education. You will also gain insights into how to open new opportunities in your board work career. 


At this webinar you will get: 

  • Insights on how to attract board positions 
  • Insights into board leadership development 
  • An overview of the programme content and structure 
  • A feel for the faculty, staff, and potential fellow participants 
  • Answers to your questions 

You will meet some awesome founders and board members:  

Henrik Thorn, Managing Director at IT Kartellet ApS and Board Member

Torben Andersen, Board Member

Agnieszka Szwarczewska, CEO and Founder of Squarely
Jes Broeng, Founder and Professor and Director of DTU Entrepreneurship  
Thomas J. Howard, Founder and Professor at DTU Entrepreneurship  
Anne Malberg Horsager, Chair and Programme Director 


17:00 Welcome by Jes Broeng, Professor and Director of DTU Entrepreneurship 
17:05 Presentation of DTU Board Education and Q&A by Anne Malberg Horsager, Programme Director 
17.20 Panel debate on “How to attract board positions” with our panel speakers 
18.00 The webinar ends 


Join us 21 November from 17:00 – 18:00 for this webinar to learn more! 


Curious about the DTU Board Education programme and the module dates for 2023? Click here.


Learn more about the panel speakers, the faculty and sign up by clicking here.


Mon 21 Nov 22
17:00 - 18:00


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