Conference on the future sustainable cities and buildings

Wednesday 29 Apr 15
Experts of sustainable cities and buildings from all the Nordic countries will gather to present and discuss the most actual topics in their field in August in Copenhagen. DTU Byg is co-organizer in the multidisciplinary conference putting words to the unspoken challenges in the building industry

Department of Civil Engineering, Technical University of Denmark (DTU Byg) is organizing the large, multidisciplinary Nordic conference 7PHN Sustainable Cities and Buildings in cooperation with The Royal Danish Academy’s School of Architecture (KADK) and Architects, scientists, engineers, manufacturers, contractors, and building owners take part in the conference, which is the only recognized, scientific conference about sustainable building, which is frequently hosted in Denmark. 500 participants are expected from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.


The elaborate program for the conference holds app. 80 writers and lecturers, who will each disclose a challenge in sustainable building, prominent keynote speakers, enlightening workshops, and match making across disciplines.


The conference takes place in Copenhagen.


Ruut Peuhkuri, chairman of the scientific committee of the conference and associate professor at DTU Byg is one of the driving forces behind the conference:


The future of sustainable building lies in how we can implement our existing knowledge and experience in real life building projects. We see a growing concern in the industry about the so-called performance cap, where e.g. the resulting energy use and indoor climate do not perform as designed. We believe that one of the best ways to make sustainability to more than just good intentions is to work inter-disciplinary. This conference will bring together engineers, architects, and scientists among others to debate how to rectify this.”


Also Annette Blegvad from the Danish Architects’ Association has high expectations for the conference. She says: The cooperation between architect, engineer and contractor is essential in order to create beautiful, functional, and sustainable building. In short good architecture. The conference is unique by being multidisciplinary.


Lacking cooperation can lead to another of the hard subjects in the business, which will be put to light at the conference quality in building. Today we see too much sloppiness and too little quality in craftsmanship. Where does it go wrong, you might ask? Do we need to take a closer look at the education of our workers to get to the core of the problem in short, are we losing our building skills? Or is it in another part of a building project it turns wrong? That is a subject which will set the ground for a debate in one of the many workshops during the conference.


The conference is supported by Realdania, which has great expectations to the cross disciplinary focus of the event. Chair of the organizing committee, ren Pedersen, underlines the importance:


We chose the topics and we are shaping the workshops to target the most important agendas for implementing energy efficient and in wider sense sustainable buildings and cities. In order to influence these agendas we subsequently need to bring the relevant professions together. We welcome architects, engineers, building owners, researchers and contractors, who are interested in all shades of sustainable construction.”


In order to register for the conference 20-21 August 2015 visit as soon as possible. There is a reduced price until May 10th.