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Danish participators appointed for euspen Challenge 2015

Saturday 28 Mar 15


Hans Nørgaard Hansen
Head of Department, Professor, PhD
DTU Mechanical Engineering
+45 45 25 48 16


Kim da Costa Carneiro
Part-time Lecturer
DTU Mechanical Engineering
+45 45 25 47 72

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Kim da Costa Carneiro and Hans Nørgaard Hansen from DTU Mechanical Engineering have appointed Hüsnü Aslan from iNano, University of Aarhus and Maximilian Marhöfer from DTU Mechanical Engineering, Section of Manufacturing Engineering as the two Danish participators in the competition. Both were chosen from an evaluation of their presentations of unique solutions to specific problems within the area of precision- and nanotechnology.

Integrating solar cells with touch-screens
PhD student David Maximilian Marhöfer presented a solution to the well-known problem of smartphones needing to be recharged more often than is convenient for the user, in his presentation ”Transparent solar cells for displays of mobile devices”. The general idea is to place a transparent polymer solar cell capable of recharging the battery on top of the smartphones touch-screen. Marhöfer explained the most important technical specifications, namely that the solar cell is transparent in the visible area in order to avoid disturbing the use of the touch-screen, and that its capacity and robustness is adequate. The solar cells are probably competitive seen from a perspective of prices, even though the production is not yet on a larger scale.

Fast diagnoses with new DNA technology
Hüsnü Aslan from iNano at Aarhus University presented with “Fast diagnosis of ebola and other biological characteristics based on DNA technicques” a new solution to diagnoses starting from a new technology for analysis of DNA material. Today, hospitals use the heavy, expensive and slow PCR machines for DNA sequencing, but “The Nano Box” is a small, portable apparatus capable of analyzing the DNA material even faster. This way it is possible to bring along the device wherever necessary, and begin treating the patients once the diagnosis has been made. The DNA material is analyzed with specific software in the device, and the material is fixed in silicon after a nano-technological pre-treatment.

A prestigious competition for young engineers
Euspen Challenge is a competition between some of the best, young engineers in Europe within the area of precision- and nanotechnology. Every year the participating countries elect two competitors, and in the competition they are organized in teams, where each team must provide a solution to a specific problem presented by an industrial company. The task is both practical and theoretical, and each team must create a prototype as part of the solution. This year, euspen Challenge takes place in Stockholm 7th – 9th July, KTH Royal Institute of Technology is host to the event and Hexagon Metrology Nordic will present the problem to the competitors.

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Hans Nørgaard Hansen and Hüsnü Aslan.