DTU Roadrunners ready for eco-race after royal visit

Thursday 16 Jun 16


Jesper Schramm
DTU Mechanical Engineering
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DTU Blue Dot Projects

DTU Roadrunners is a so-called Blue Dot project.

DTU Blue Dot is the story about the transition to a sustainable society. It is the place where the students work as engineers. The students work across semesters, curricula, and study programmes with an engineering project that goes beyond the individual curriculum, the individual semester, but which is for the benefit of society.

Shell Eco-Marathon

Learn more on Shell Eco-Marathon's website.

Prior to the European Championships in green driving in June, the team of students representing DTU had to pass another test. A visit by car enthusiast HRH Prince Joachim.

In a short time, the engineering students in DTU Roadrunners will participate in the unofficial European Championships in driving the longest distance on a litre of fuel at the Shell Eco-marathon in London. Prior to this, they today had another test––a test run with a royal audience.

The test run meant that the team had worked into the early hours of the morning to get the fuel-efficient cars on the road. Among other things, they had coded a new engine system just the night before. However, everything worked as planned when Prince Joachim was shown the two shining cars, and with great interest inspected the innovative examples of sustainable mechanical engineering, aerodynamics, and electronics.

One car becomes two
DTU will participate in the Shell Eco-marathon for the 13th year in a row. This year, the students will enter two cars. One will be participating in the small urban car class and must therefore comply with urban traffic requirements, such as having four wheels, being able to stop regularly for red lights, and being able to carry luggage. The other will be entering the prototype class context where you, among other things, can experiment with the shape of the car, for example to reduce friction.

Entering two cars presents some challenges, but according to Jesper Schramm, course coordinator and Professor at DTU Mechanical Engineering, the students worked responsibly and with great commitment—also through the night.” Even though it is one of the more fun races, the London event is an exam which earns the students ECTS points.

"You have to go out and show your worth as a team from one of the leading educational institutions in Denmark. Show what DTU can do."
HRH Prince Joachim

Photo: Mikal Schlosser

Show what you can do
HRH Prince Joachim meets with DTU Roadrunners each year prior to the Shell Eco-marathon, and he was again clearly impressed. He praised the students for their ability to work as a team, and to create synergies as engineers with all parts of the cars––from the electronics to the driver.

“You have already performed excellently. You are on the threshold of something truly exciting. Not just in terms of your own career, but also when it comes to limiting global warming,” he said in his speech to the students. “It’s your dream and your study programme which come together in symbiosis to becoming a success.”

In addition, he wished the students all the best with a motivating pep talk:

“You have to go out and show your worth as a team from one of the leading educational institutions in Denmark. Show what DTU can do.”

Everyone believes that they will. Last year, the team improved its own 2013 world record, as the students were able to cover an impressive 665 km on the equivalent of 1 litre of petrol.

Shell Eco-Marathon will take place in London from 30 June to 3 July.