First Radical milestone reached in 2019

Thursday 02 May 19


Karen Guldbæk Schmidt
Centre for Oil and Gas - DTU


Kristine Wille Hilstrøm
Process and Facilities Advisor
Centre for Oil and Gas - DTU
+4530 70 19 33


Lars Simonsen
Research Director
Centre for Oil and Gas - DTU
+4593 51 17 93

Last night at midnight, it was the deadline for submitting an idea for this year’s Radical Innovation Sprint. Altogether, 51 proposals were received. It is a great number, which clearly indicates that there are many radial ideas to be explored for an improved recovery of oil and gas.

”We are pleased to announce that at deadline, 51 applications for Radical Innovation Sprint were received. We want to say thanks to all who have submitted an idea as well as everybody who have helped on the way to this result,” tells Lars Simonsen, Research Director at Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre.

Out of the 51 proposals, 70% of the applicants are new to the sprint.

This result is an important milestone in the process towards the end goal of finding out whether or not the ideas are more than radical and wild.

Next step

An external committee will evaluate the submitted radical ideas anonymously and recommend which ideas to fund. The committee consists of researchers, people from the oil and gas industry, neighbor industries and last but not least people with an innovative mindset. They will recommend which ideas they find holds the greatest potential and are radical. The evaluation phase will extend until late June after which the applicants will get an answer.

The duration of a funded research sprint can vary according to the idea. However, the research is to be conducted sometime between 1 September to 30 November 2019 and many of them will be presented at the DHRTC Technology Conference in 5 and 6 November in Kolding.