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Three new members of the Technology Application Workgroup

Thursday 02 May 19

DHRTC welcomes three new members of the Technology Application Workgroup (TAW). The new members contribute with extensive knowledge of the Danish oil and gas field at both the practical and strategic level.

The new members are David Wann, Head of Subsurface at Total E&P A/S, Lars Bo Christiansen, Head of Strategy and Business Development at Total Danmark A/S, and Lars Malcolm Pedersen, Head of Subsurface at Dan-Halfdan Asset.

The Technology Application Workgroup provides advice on including a clearly formulated strategy in each research project for the transfer of technology and knowledge to the industry. These strategies are extremely important since all research projects at DHRTC are targeted at increasing oil and gas recovery in the Danish North Sea.

DHRTC are happy to have such strong profiles on board the TAW and look forward to the further collaboration.