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Niels Gregersen
11 DEC

EU-bevilling til kraftigere kvantecomputere

Lektor Niels Gregersen fra DTU Fotonik modtager et af de eftertragtede ERC Consolidator Grants fra Det Europæiske Forskningsråd til udvikling af en prototype...

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Foto Colourbox
09 DEC

A Safety Guide for Smart Cities

Cyber security is a growing concern as public authorities and their suppliers develop still more digital solutions. A new guidebook founded on DTU contributions comes to...

Kick off event på DTU Skylab: Leaving No One Behind.
06 DEC

Kick-off for Technology leaving no one behind

More than 100 students, early startups and members of the Disabled Peoples’ Organizations Denmark participated in the kick-off event for Technology leaving no one...

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Kick off event på DTU Skylab: Leaving No One Behind.
06 DEC

Startskud for udvikling af teknologi for alle

Mere end 100 studerende, tidlige startups og medlemmer fra Danske Handicaporganisationer deltog i kick-off event for ´Technology leaving no one behind´.

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06 DEC

Playware's MOTO Tiles Wins Best Senior Care and Rehabilitation Award

Global Health and Pharma (GHP), a global healthcare publication based in the United Kingdom, honored Professor Henrik Hautop Lund of our Center for Playware, DTU Electrical...

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Xanthan gummi chitosan nanofibre. Foto: DTU Fødevareinstituttet
05 DEC

Nano-designed ingredients with improved properties

The National Food Institute uses carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids to develop natural so-called nano-microstructured ingredients, which the food industry can use to produce...

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04 DEC

AquaGreen – turning sludge into a sustainable resource

DTU spinout AquaGreen has found a way to turn sludge into marketable biochar – a sustainable coal that functions as fertilizer, improves the quality of soil and binds...

Winnie E. Svendsen, professor DTU Bioengineering har stor erfaring med at udvikle nanostrukturer i renrummet på DTU Nanolab. Foto: Peter Aagaard Brixen.
03 DEC

Fine nanowires with disease-detecting potential

A new startup with DTU involvment will use nanowires to capture particles that can reveal diseases such as leukaemia.

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Fermentor / Foto: Mikal Schlosser
03 DEC

Cell factories produce milk protein without the use of a cow

Take a residual product from the food industry and instead of discarding it, look at it as a side stream and use it to develop a new food. The National Food Institute...

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 Blæretang / Foto:
02 DEC

The hunt for nature’s own additives

In general, aromas, emulsifiers, and preservatives do not make up a large part of our foods. However, they make a big difference for their taste, texture, and shelf life...

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Wall of fame (Photo: DTU)
01 DEC

Proof of Concept grant

Support for wireless charging technology.

29 NOV

Insects’ safe journey to the dinner table

The production of insects emits 100 times less CO2 than the production of cattle. Thus, insects are an excellent protein source for sustainable and healthy foods and for...

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28 NOV

Enough professionals to assess the toxicity of chemicals

A Nordic initiative aims to ensure a sufficient number of professionals in the Nordic countries, who can help protect the health of humans and our environment from harmful...

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BioBuilders win award in synthetic biology. Photo: DTU
27 NOV

DTU students win award in synthetic biology

DTU Biobuilders receives a gold medal and a special award for 'Best Software Tool' in the global biotech competition iGEM.

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Vegansk mousse / Foto: DTU Fødevareinstituttet
27 NOV

From idea to product – make your own foods

Do you have an idea for an innovative food that you want to get market-ready? The Ecotrophelia course at DTU, which takes place in the evenings during the spring semester...

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Pierre Pinson on Higly Cited Researchers list
26 NOV

DTU Elektro Professor is one of the 0,1% most influential researchers in the world

Professor Pierre Pinson from DTU Elektro is on the Highly Cited Researchers 2019 list. 

The discovery emission of the extremely energetic light particles was made with data from the telescopes MAGIC and NOT situated on the Canary Islands.  (Photo: NOT, Nordic Optical Telescope/Jyri Näränen)
25 NOV

Scientists detect extreme emission from a far away dying star

Researchers at DTU Space, in an international collaboration with the Niels Bohr Institute, have for the first time determined the emission of extremely energetic light...

Quantum Hub Denmark
25 NOV

Quantum Hub Denmark

On November 22, the event "Quantum Hub Denmark" brought together more than a hundred stakeholders from industry, academia, and public sector in Denmark to strengthen the...

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video thumbnail image
25 NOV

From idea to product – make your own foods at DTU

Meet two students who have used a course at DTU as a springboard to establish their business ’Vegan Delicious’. The business makes delicious vegan dessert mousses...

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Foto: Statsministeriet.
22 NOV

EU President-elect and Prime Minister of Denmark visit DTU

Carbon-neutral energy production and sustainable fuels were among the topics discussed during a visit to DTU from President-elect Charles Michel and Prime Minister Mette...

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