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05 FEB

Grains are beneficial to health

A six-year-long, large-scale research cooperation has documented that a diet, which includes whole-grains helps to prevent type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease...

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22 NOV

Students will soon be able to code and grow greens in class

Danish primary school students are allowed to play with their food in a new project, which lets them grow their own greens in biology class using a food computer.

Food, fish and agriculture Nutrition and dietary habits
15 NOV

No reason to recommend a low-gluten diet for everyone

Large study of the effects of eating a low-gluten diet has not prompted the researchers behind it to recommend that people eat a gluten-free diet—unless they suffer from...

Food, fish and agriculture Nutrition and dietary habits
02 NOV

Several reasons why whole grains are healthy

When overweight adults exchange refined grain products – such as white bread and pasta – with whole grain varieties, they eat less, they lose weight and the amount of...

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08 FEB

Conference puts the spotlight on vitamins

Participate in the 4th International Vitamin Conference. Speakers from Denmark, USA, Australia, India, Ireland and United Kingdom among other countries present the latest...

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05 NOV

Vitamin D levels can be compared across studies and countries

Knowledge about the vitamin D level of a population is important in order to assess the proportion that is vitamin D deficient or is at risk of becoming deficient, and...

Nutrition and dietary habits Health-promoting compounds
21 DEC

More knowledge needed to ensure safe use of botanicals in food

The challenges related to assessing the safety of botanicals in foods and food supplements and regulating their use were highlighted at a conference held in Denmark in...

Food safety Food, fish and agriculture Nutrition and dietary habits
16 DEC

Many children and adolescents get too much caffeine from energy drinks

When children aged 10-14 consume energy drinks, one in five consumes too much caffeine. When their caffeine intake from other sources such as cola and chocolate is included...

Nutrition and dietary habits Food safety
09 DEC

Healthier packed lunches and more exercise for Danish school children

Most lunch meals eaten by Danish school children are prepared at home. A project at the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, will explore how the...

Nutrition and dietary habits
11 NOV

Increased knowledge about vitamin D with mathematical model

A new mathematical model describes changes in vitamin D concentration in blood and tissue of minipigs after they were fed a vitamin D-enriched diet or exposed to a lamp...

Nutrition and dietary habits Health-promoting compounds