DTU Talent Partner

DTU Talent Partner

A Talent Partnership is for companies wishing to attract and recruit talented, newly graduated engineers. The core of the partnership is access to a palette of activities and events where you get close to DTU’s sharp talents.

Get hold of the talents of tomorrow

As a Talent Partner, you can benefit from a wealth of services offered by DTU in which you establish close contact with students. For example, you can give presentations of what your company has to offer, be assigned a student mentee, attend student fairs, or become a guest lecturer. Together with your DTU contact person, you are in a constant dialogue about DTU’s talent-oriented offers.

Publicity and exposure

As a Talent Partner, your company can enjoy exposure in selected print materials and online platforms. You can also offer jobs, internships, and projects to students on DTU’s internal channels.

What you get as a Talent Partner::

  • Permanent DTU Contact
  • Take the Stage presentation at DTU and networking
  • Graduation Event with newly graduated engineers
  • Welcome package with insight into DTU’s students for recruitment purposes
  • Invite students to company visits
  • Become a mentor to a talented student
  • Present your company at guest lectures, etc.
  • Expose your software and work methods to DTU’s students
  • Project collaboration with students
  • Access to Corporate Annual Meeting
  • Newsletter with invitation to events and workshops

Price: DKK 50,000/year. Free for Corporate Partners.

Jonas Orebo Pyndt
Team Manager
+45 22 56 75 79

Additional information

Read more about the services in the DTU Talent Partner package [.pdf].

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