Innovation processes

DTU offers companies a variety of options for collaboration on innovation projects.

DTU has one of the most well-developed and cohesive ecosystems for innovation and entrepreneurship among technical universities in Europe.

We work to develop networks and offers for companies and partners, so that current challenges are dealt with in innovation processes with researchers and students. This is done at all DTU’s departments and in the DTU Skylab and DTU Link innovation hubs on Risø Campus.

DTU Skylab also provides the framework for a wide range of initiatives and projects that give start-ups the opportunity for support through funding and business development in close collaboration with experts and external companies.

Study programmes

Education and research in entrepreneurship and innovation are rooted in DTU Entrepreneurship—Centre for Entrepreneurship in Technology. The centre develops DTU’s study programmes and courses on entrepreneurship, which are largely practice-oriented and are conducted in close collaboration with companies and the business sector in general.

The centre conducts research into entrepreneurship with focus on sustainability, digitalization, and didactics.  The research results form part of a continuous learning loop with the study programmes and practice.


DTU enters into more than 600 collaboration agreements a year. DTU Partnerships communicates the contact between the University and the business sector, and helps companies find their way to the right people at DTU. Companies can collaborate with researchers on the development of new products, production optimization, or through scientific studies.

DTU Partnerships offers flexible package solutions that make it easy to start up the collaboration.


Research collaborations between companies and DTU researchers often result in innovative solutions for the companies involved.

The process of protecting the technological breakthroughs from these projects—and thus giving the companies a competitive edge—is handled by DTU Tech Transfer and results in the conclusion of licensing agreements or other commercial agreements between the company and DTU.

Upcoming new start-ups based on knowledge from DTU are given support and help to mature projects commercially from DTU Tech Transfer.

Business development

Once start-ups have been established as enterprises, Futurebox is the place where they are matched with mentors, investors, and business developers during both incubation and acceleration.

Futurebox is the only innovation house in Denmark dedicated to deep-tech start-ups located at DTU campus. Here, start-ups can develop their technologies, get help with product and business development, and reach the market quickly with their industrial solutions.

Futurebox also houses the Danish Tech Challenge, which is Denmark’s most intense and ambitious accelerator programme for hardware start-ups.

DTU’s innovation ecosystem also includes facilities at DTU Diplom in Ballerup, and start-ups may apply for leasehold premises in DTU Science Park.


Karina Skydt

Karina Skydt PA & Communication Centre for Technology Entrepreneurship


Peter Munkebo Hussmann

Peter Munkebo Hussmann Head of Administration, DTU Skylab DTU Skylab


Jan Eiersted Molzen

Jan Eiersted Molzen Head of DTU Partnerships Office for Research, Advice and Innovation Phone: +45 45257127


Jacob Aabroe

Jacob Aabroe Project Manager DTU Skylab


Peter Jespersen
Head of incubation
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