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Before study start

Before starting at DTU, there are a number of important things you need to prepare: You must order a student ID card, create a password etc. Here is an overview of what you need to do.

Reply to student place offer

You can find your letter of admission via ’AnsøgerNet’ on on 26 July 2019 at 8 a.m.

User name and password for DTU's IT systems

To access DTU’s databars and the intranet DTU Inside, you need a valid user name and password. When you have accepted a place on the study programme via AnsøgerNet, you must order a password. When ordering your password, you will also receive your student ID number. Please note that your user name for DTU’s IT systems is your student ID number - not your email address, which you only use to access AnsøgerNet.

You must order your password via UnistartDTU. You can order your password on 4 August at the earliest. However, if you accept a place on the study programme after 4 August, you have to wait 24 hours to order your password.

Order your password via UnistartDTU

If you already have a valid user name (student ID number) and password for DTU’s IT systems, you should not change your user name or password, even if you are starting on a new study programme.

If you lose your password, please contact the Study Information in building 101A to get a new one.

Student card

When we have registered that you have accepted a place on the study programme via AnsøgerNet you can upload a photo of yourself and order a student ID card.

Order your student card via UnistartDTU

We will send your student ID card to your registered address in Denmark.

The student card is a personal identification card and you should always carry your card with you when you are on DTU's campuses. Not only do you use it to identify yourself as a DTU student, but it also serves as e.g. your library card, allows you to gain access to facilities and databars outside regular opening hours, and to benefit from various student discounts.

If I lose my student card…

Should you lose your student card, please log on to to cancel your original card and request a new one.


When you are admitted to DTU you will be assigned an email account with the University that looks like this:

s[student ID number]—e.g.:

All information from the Study Administration will be sent to this email address, so please make sure to check your DTU account regularly. You should also use this email address to contact the Study Administration. You will have access to your DTU email via the intranet DTU Inside.



When you commence your studies at DTU, you need a laptop for participation in courses, and you have to be able to connect it to a wireless network. If you need to buy a new computer, and you are in doubt as to which model to choose, you can ask your vector (student mentor) for advice at the introduction day.

State Educational Grant and Loan Scheme (SU)

Danish students are entitled to public support for their further education—regardless of social standing. If you are not a Danish citizen, you must fulfil some special conditions to be placed on an equal footing with Danish citizens and receive state education grants (SU) for education in Denmark.

You should be aware that you cannot apply for SU until you have been admitted to the undergraduate programme, and the first time you receive SU is in September at the earliest.

Public transportation pass - Ungdomskort

As a student at DTU, you can obtain a public transportation pass known as "Ungdomskort". The Ungdomskort provides a daily public transport discount to and from DTU. It also allows you to travel in Denmark at reduced prices.

See how to apply for an Ungdomskort

Credit transfer from previous study programmes

If you state in connection with your application on that you have passed programme elements on a previously non-completed undergraduate programme, you are responsible for applying for credit transfer for such programme elements.

You can apply for credit transfer via DTU’s credit transfer system. To access the credit transfer system, you must have a valid user name and password (see above). The head of studies on your study programme estimates whether or not you may be granted credit transfer.

If the head of studies deems that previously passed courses are compatible with the mandatory courses on your current programme, you will be granted credit transfer. If the head of studies deems that previously passed courses are compatible with the elective courses on your current programme, you can decide whether or not you want to transfer your credits.Your application will be processed as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions in connection with your application for credit transfer, please contact the person in charge of credit transfers at the Office for Study Programmes and Student Affairs at

The decision will be sent to your student email address (see above).

Curriculum and rules and regulations

You can find a description of the mandatory and elective courses on your study programme as well as the structure and competence profile in DTU’s programme specifications for undergraduate programmes.

DTU’s rules and regulations contain the most important rules applicable to all students at DTU.