Important dates autumn semester 2019


  • From 3 August: Online brush-up mathematics
    You can train mathematics online on the DTU Mathematics portal.

  • 8 August: deadline for signing up for fresher's trip
    If you would like to take part in the freshers' trip remember to sign up in time.  

  • 12 August: Deadline for registration for brush-up mathematics on campus
    Deadline for registration for DTU's brush-up course in mathematics which is held on campus. Please note the instruction is in Danish only.

  • 23 August: Introduction Day
    On the Introduction Day you will be officially welcomed to DTU and your study programme, and get a brief introduction to life as a student at DTU.

  • 23 - 25 August: weekend freshers' trip
    DTU's student association Polytechnical Student Union (PF) organizes two weekend freshers' trips over the weekend. One of the trips is be non-alcoholic. Please note, that these trips are conducted in Danish.

  • 24 August - 30 August: Introduction trip
    Four-day freshers' trip organized by PF.

  • Week 35: timetable for the first week of teaching
    You can download your timetable for your first week of teaching.


  • 2 September: study start
    The semester at DTU Begins.

  • 6 September: SenSommerfest (Late Summer Party)
    An awesome party that kicks-off the autumn semester. The celebration takes place outdoors in giant tents, where each study programme are hosting different theme parties with dinner.

  • Week 37-40: PF evaluation of your study start
    During September, PF will send you a questionnaire on your experience of the Introduction Day, the freshers' trip, your vector, etc. 

  • 13 September: RusJoint
    Concert primarily for new students

  • Week 38 - 39: commencement of studies exam
    Two months after study start you need to pass a commencement of studies exam. The exam consists of you making a curriculum for your study programme and you signing DTU's Honour Code regarding examination cheating.  

  • 27 September: Lyngby Day
    Started studies in Lyngby but still not sure where to hang out or find the best cultural and natural spots in the city? Join the orientation race at Lyngby Day and get to know your study town and meet other students.


  • Week 46 - 47: Another study start evaluation
    How did you experience the study start at DTU? You will receive a short questionnaire where you're asked to give your views on your study start and of life as a DTU student.