Freshers' trip

Introduction Day & freshers' trips

The Introduction Day gives you the opportunity to network and get to know your fellow students. You will also be introduced to your study programme and gain insight into life as a student at DTU.

At the introduction to the study programme, you will meet your Head of Studies, have breakfast with your fellow students, and be introduced to life as a student at DTU.

Where to meet

The introduction to the study programme takes place on Friday, 23 August 2019. The exact time and location will be emailed to you by DTU’s student union Polyteknisk Forening (PF). You can also find the information in your welcome letter from PF.

Map of DTU

Welcome reception

After PF’s introduction to the study programme, there will be a welcome reception in the sports hall, Building 101 on DTU Lyngby Campus. 

3 - 3.05p.m. Welcome by Lars Christoffersen, Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Student Affairs
3.05 - 3.15 p.m. Welcome by Anders Bjarklev, President of DTU
3.15 - 3.25 p.m. Welcome by the chairman of PF student association, Søren Kuhberg
3.25 - 3.35 p.m. Wrap up by Lars Christoffersen


After the reception, beer/water and sandwiches will be served.

Photo: Mikal Schlosser

Freshers’ trip

The freshers’ trip will take place from Saturday to Tuesday and from Tuesday to Friday respectively. 

You also have the opportunity to participate in one of the two introduction trips over the weekend. One of the trips will be non-alcoholic. Please note, that the weekend trips are held in Danish.

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In addition to meeting other newly accepted students, you will get a proper introduction to your study programme and DTU.

Each year, the President and the Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Student Affairs take a week out of their busy schedules to drives hundreds of miles across Denmark to visit all freshers' trips. 
The students usually repay them by decorating their car in a festive manner....

You can register for the freshers’ trip by using the registration form which you will receive by email from PF. Please see PF's website for more information.