Strategic Analysis and Systems Design

The world will see major changes over the next few decades. Global challenges relating to energy, economics, safety, infrastructure, climate, health, and food will have a huge impact on our society—both nationally and internationally. The issues are highly complex, and large volumes of information and data must be analysed to understand, plan, and prioritize the possible solutions. As an engineer in strategic analysis and systems design, you will acquire the specialist knowledge in relation to technology, economics and management that is necessary to deal with these complex issues.


What will you learn?

In the Strategic Analysis and Systems Design programme you will acquire a combination of technical-scientific, commercial and social science competences. You will learn to plan, decide, and manage engineering tasks to ensure that novel technological solutions can be commercialized and also benefit society.

In particular, you will gain sound knowledge about mathematical modelling and decision-making support, processing large data volumes, and handling management tasks linked to the planning and optimization of processes and production. During the study programme, you will deal with some of the real-life challenges that companies and organizations face.

Study programme structure

The BSc programme involves lectures, group work, project work, and exercises, where you will work with disciplines such as business analytics, engineering economy, mathematics, operational analysis, and production and planning. When you are partway through the programme, you will have ample opportunity to tailor your studies through the electives you choose to follow. To guide your choice of subjects, a number of recommended courses of study have been defined.


Career opportunities

In combination with an MSc, the study programme in Strategic Analysis and Systems Design provides good opportunities for employment in major planning companies, the consulting sector, or public sector strategy units. You will be involved in decision-making, and work with planning, strategy, and decisions related to the needs and requirements of customers, society, and users.
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