When you have been enrolled in a course, you are automatically enrolled for the exam if the tuition fee has been paid. Your grades will be shown on CampusNet, the web-based information system for DTU.

If you want to follow the course but do not want to take the exam, please inform us in advance by email to learnforlife@dtu.dk or by letter. Please remember to state your social security number or study number.

You get three successive examination tries for each course.  However, you may not enrol for exams if you have already got either of the following markings: the grade 2 or more (by the 7-point grading scale), passed or approved.


If you fail an exam—or if you are registered as ill up to an exam—you have the right to  re-sit the exam the following semester, although the course may not have been taught that particular semester. The exam may be cancelled if none of the students enrolled for it fulfil the requirements outlined above.

If you want to enrol for a re-examination, please contact DTU Continuing Education during the following periods:

For the summer examination: 1 April - 15 April.
For the winter examination: 15 October - 1 November.