How to apply for an MSc programme at DTU

This information is aimed at applicants holding a qualifying degree acquired in Denmark.

The application process at DTU is completely digital. You apply by uploading all of the required documents to our application portal. DTU does not accept any hard copies of your documents.

1) Log on to the application portal DANS

If you are currently studying at DTU, you can use the ‘log in’ button.

If you are a student at another university, you must log on as ‘Self-Registered User’ (Log ind som selvoprettet bruger).

Please make sure to use your personal email address and not your current university email address.

Please also make sure to use the same email address for all applications.

2) Fill in the application form

You can apply for up to four different priorities at DTU.

You are asked to prioritize your applications and you will only be offered admission to one of them.

If you submit more than four applications, any applications below the four highest priorities are automatically cancelled.

The Industry MSc programmes are listed last, so simply scroll down the list until you find them. They begin with "x_".

3) Submit the application

Please make sure that all the information you have provided is correct before you submit your application.

4) Check your receipt from DANS

Once you have submitted your application, you will get a receipt. The receipt is accessible via DANS. An email will be sent to your registered email address stating that you have received a new message in DANS.

Please note that the receipt is not proof that you have uploaded all your documents correctly. If you are in doubt, we recommend that you contact us at

5) Follow the status of your application in DANS

You must log on to DANS to check your messages, see the status of your application, and, if applicable, accept an offer of admission.

You must log on in the same way as when you filled in the application. You will receive an email notification every time there is a new message for you in DANS.

The emails are sent from Make sure that this sender is set to ‘trusted’ so that the emails are not misidentified as junk mail.

6) If you have changed your email or it no longer works for login

Write to with information about the email address you would like us to use. 

Processing time

We process applications continuously and cannot state how long it will take before you receive our decision.

The processing time is conditional upon the application containing all the necessary information for us to process it. If we have to ask for additional documentation, it might prolong the processing time.

If you apply by the 1 March and 15 October deadlines, you will receive our decision no later than on 10 June or 10 December, respectively, provided we have received all necessary documentation.