Medical Imaging and Radiation Physics - Focus area

A major part of the diagnostic procedures in modern hospitals is based on medical imaging. Modern scanners like X-ray, Computer Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), and Ultrasound Imaging reveal a wealth of information about the patient’s anatomy and physiology. The field is in rapid development, and this focus area aims at providing the students with the necessary competences for understanding and developing these techniques. 

Courses are given on all the modern imaging techniques, and the curriculum includes a thorough understanding of the physics and the signal and image processing based on real world examples and exercises. Image interpretation and new methods for finding features in images are also an important part of the focus area.

There are also courses on optics and radiation physics, the diagnostics and treatment of cancer, and an in-depth understanding of molecular imaging techniques such as PET scanning. The faculty includes a range of prominent research groups within medical imaging, with technical as well as clinical backgrounds.

Recommended foundation courses are:

  • Medical Imaging – min 5 ECTS (e.g., 22481)
  • Signals and Systems – min 5 ECTS (e.g., 22052)
  • Stochastic Signals – min 5 ECTS