Cell Factory Engineering (CFE)


Cell Factory Engineering

Study Line: Cell Factory Engineering:

  • Cell Factory engineers contribute to the transition towards a sustainable society by supplying genetically engineered cell factories for fermentation-based production of proteins or biochemicals.
  • Within this study line, you will obtain competences in designing, constructing, and optimizing cell factories using either bacterial, yeast, molds, plant or animal cell cultures.
  • Focus areas include optimization of cellular performance using techniques and knowledge from synthetic biology, genetic engineering, secondary metabolites, cell physiology, and regulatory networks.

Recomended prequisites for the study line (to be completed during the bachelor education):

  • Bioinformatics (exemplified by the DTU course: 22111 Introduction to Bioinformatics)
  • Experimental microbiology (exemplified by the DTU course: 27027 Experimental Molecular Microbiology)

General Competence Courses

Mandatory course:

28485 Biobusiness and Process Innovation 5 point Autumn E1B (Thurs 13-17)
42500 Innovation in Engineering 5 point January
42504 Innovation in Engineering 5 point August
42501 Innovation in Engineering 5 point June

A minimum of 20 ETCS must be achieved from the following General Competence Courses courses:

02411 Statistical Design and Analysis of Experiments 5 point Autumn E2A (Mon 13-17), Spring F1A (Mon 8-12)
27230 Prokaryotic cell biology 5 point Autumn E1A (Mon 8-12)
27423 Metabolomics and proteomics 5 point Autumn E3A (Tues 8-12)
27430 Eukaryotic cell biology 5 point Autumn E2B (Thurs 8-12)
27460 Synthetic biology 5 point Autumn E5A (Wed 8-12)
27641 Systems biology 5 point Autumn E5B (Wed 13-17)
28857 Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and quality in pharmaceutical, biotech and food industry - Practical version 7.5 point Autumn E1B (Thurs 13-17) and Autumn E3B (Fri 13-17)
28855 Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and quality in pharmaceutical, biotech and food industry - Theoretical version 5 point Spring F1B (Thurs 13-17)

Technological Specialization Courses

At least 30 ETCS should be selected among the following courses, of which 27410 (Computer-aided cell factory design), 27455 (Microbial adaption to industrial processes), and 27432 (Experimental molecular biology of eukaryotes) are highly recomended:

27220 Advanced prokaryotic biotechnology 5 point Spring F4A (Tues 13-17)
27255 Advanced experimental prokaryotic molecular biology and ecology 5 point Spring F5B (Wed 13-17)
27330 Quantitative analysis and modeling in protein science 5 point Spring F3B (Fri 13-17)
27410 Computer-aided cell factory design 5 point Autumn E4A (Tues 13-17)
27419 Filamentous Fungi: Biology and Biotechnology 5 point Spring F1A (Mon 8-12)
27422 Biosynthesis of natural products 5 point Spring F1B (Thurs 13-17)
27432 Experimental molecular biology of eukaryotes 5 point January
27455 Microbial adaptation to industrial processes 5 point Spring F2B (Thurs 8-12)