Digital Systems - Study line

Electronic systems and devices typically contain complex digital hardware. This may be in the form of system-on-chip (SoC), embedded computer-based systems or heterogeneous multiprocessor platforms. Digital systems form the platforms in which hardware and software components are integrated. These systems span a vast range of applications from super-computers to ultra-low-power body-implantable medical devices. The design process of digital systems must therefore address a number of different aspects such as performance, power dissipation, reliability, and price.

The student must follow the requirements in the general curriculum for the programme such that at least 30 ECTS points are obtained among the following courses:

02203 Design of Digital Systems (5 ECTS)

02204 Design of Asynchronous Circuits (5 ECTS)

02205 VLSI Design (5 ECTS)

02209 Test of Digital Systems (5 ECTS)

02211 Advanced Computer Architecture (5 ECTS)

02217 Design of Arithmetic Processors (5 ECTS)

02221 Foundations of Distributed Systems (5 ECTS)

02223 Model-Based Systems Engineering (7.5 ECTS) 

02291 System Integration (5 ECTS)

The terminated courses 02206 Design of Integrated Circuits (7.5 ECTS), 02207 Advanced Digital Design Techniques (5 ECTS), 02208 Test of Digital Systems (7.5 ECTS), 02213 Digital Systems Laboratory (5 ECTS), 02220 Distributed Systems (7.5 ECTS) and 02222 Distributed Systems (10 ECTS) also count on the study line.