Sustainable Product & Service Design

Sustainable Product & Service Design

A student that completes this profile will be able to develop sustainable and innovative products, services and product-service systems

This profile focuses on knowledge and methods to support the design and development of sustainable products and product service systems, both in the organizational and start-up context. The focus is on providing holistic solutions that reduce energy consumption and environmental impact by focusing on the product life cycle, and includes supporting concept development and detailed design to a level where designs are ready for production.

Examples of entry-level competencies, skills & knowledge (these help a graduate acquire their first job)
Facilitation of innovation (facilitating (multi-disciplinary) teams in doing innovation sessions), Circular and bio-inspired design execution, models and methods for sustainable design, reframing design challenges, navigating the needs of various stakeholders & end-users, analysis and design of product-service systems

Examples of long-term competencies, skills & knowledge (these help a graduate build their career over the next 10 years)
Managing and facilitating development processes in smaller or larger organizations, analysing and designing complex platforms and architectures, analysis and design of complex product-service systems.

Suggested courses:

General Competence 2 course:

38107 Business Design for Sustainability 5 point Autumn E2B (Thurs 8-12)
41084 Biologically Inspired Design 5 point January

Tecnological Specialization courses:

12772 Life Cycle Assessment of Products and Systems 10 point Autumn E1 (Mon 8-12, Thurs 13-17)
38103 X-Tech Entrepreneurship 10 point Spring F3 (Tues 8-12, Fri 13-17), Autumn E3 (Tues 8-12, Fri 13-17)
41073 Development and operation of product/service-systems 10 point Autumn E3A (Tues 8-12) and Autumn E4A (Tues 13-17)
41628 Conceptualisation 10 point Autumn E5 (Wed 8-17)
41635 Robust design of products and mechanisms 5 point Spring F1B (Thurs 13-17)
42081 Staging co-creation and creativity 5 point Autumn E1B (Thurs 13-17)
42429 Project Management 5 point August
42430 Project Management 5 point January