User Experience Design & Digital Innovation

A student that completes this profile will be able to manage and develop meaningful (strategic) user experiences in the context of digital innovation.

This profile focuses on design for user experience and development of products and services across the physical and digital domains. Developing solutions that built on insights into people’s lives as well as the needs and interests of other relevant stakeholders requires an integrated approach to develop product/product service systems in terms of design of workspaces, digital design and multimedia systems.

Examples of entry-level competencies, skills & knowledge (these help a graduate acquire their first job)

Facilitation of innovation (facilitating (multi-disciplinary) teams in doing innovation sessions), Circular design execution, models and methods for sustainable design, reframing design challenges, navigating the needs of various stakeholders & end-users, analysis and design of product-service systems, UX prototyping, data mining, analysis of behavioral design problems

Examples of long-term competencies, skills & knowledge (these help a graduate build their career over the next 10 years)

Managing and facilitating development processes in smaller or larger organizations, managing complex behavioral design and user experience projects, analysis and design of complex product-service systems, (strategic) design for user experience.

Suggested courses:

General Competence 2 courses:

  • User Experience Engineering
  • Business Design for Sustainability

Technological specialization courses:

  • Development and operation of product/service-systems
  • Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Mining
  • Project Management
  • Advanced Project in Digital Media Engineering
  • IoT Prototyping
  • Personal Data Interaction for Mobile and Wearables
  • UX Design Prototyping
  • Advanced Engineering Project, Program and Portfolio Management
  • Staging Co-creation and Creativity