Study lines - Earth and Space Physics and Engineering

The MSc Eng in Earth and Space Physics and Engineering has four optional study lines.

The study lines are fixed programmes of study that have extra high requirements to the choice of courses and projects compared to the general MSc programme.

Another requirement is that the topic for both course 30220 Synthesis in Earth and Space Physics  and the Master's Thesis must be within the study line's focus area. 

A list of relevant supervisors for each study line is available here (requires login).

Graduates of these study lines earn the right to have the specialist title on their diplomas.

The five study lines are:

Possible specialisation within a study line
Within each of the study lines it is possible through the choice of specialisation courses to specialise primarily in one of the following areas (approaches):

  • Instrumentation
  • Data processing
  • Physical and mathematical modelling

You can download a course matrix here that shows which courses can be advantageously taken depending on your interest in a study line and/or specialisation.