Hearing Science and Perception - Focus area

Hearing Science and Perception

This focus area is aimed at students who are interested in the human perception of sound, psychoacoustics, hearing science, speech and communication acoustics. The courses suggested in this focus area cover topics in auditory modelling, cognitive science, signal processing, acoustic communication and audiology. These competences prepare you to work in the hearing aid industry, healthcare, medical technology, audio industry and research institutions.

Below are the courses among the Technological Specialization courses you may choose among: 

02458 Cognitive Modelling 5 point Autumn E2B (Thurs 8-12)
22000 Acoustic Communication 10 point Autumn E1 (Mon 8-12, Thurs 13-17)
22002 Experimental hearing science 5 point January
22003 Auditory signal processing and perception 10 point Spring F1 (Mon 8-12, Thurs 13-17)
22004 Music technology and music perception 5 point June
34846 Environmental acoustics 5 point Outside schedule structure
34850 Architectural acoustics 10 point Spring F4 (Tues 13-17, Fri 8-12)

And/or the elective(s):

02458 Cognitive Modelling 5 point Autumn E2B (Thurs 8-12)